December, 23 2019 Seven-figure Capital Raise for Pflegeplatzmanager

Pflege­platz­man­ager GmbH raised a seven-fig­ure sum from lead investor, bm|t, the MBG Mit­tel­ständis­che Beteili­gungs­ge­sellschaft mbH, and Torsten Pfeifer, CEO of Treuen­burg Group. This financ­ing round fol­lows on the company´s first fund rais­ing in 2018. All the investors from the first round par­tic­i­pated in this round. Pflege­platz­man­ager has built a strong, per­for­mance-ori­ented team with which the com­pany can ser­vice the many con­tracts won to date and fur­ther its growth poten­tial to meet the ambi­tious goals for 2020 and beyond.  We are delighted to fur­ther our invest­ment in Pflege­platz­man­ager and are pleased with the strong sales results since the company´s found­ing in 2018,“ com­mented Karin Rabe, Invest­ment Man­ager at bm|t. Pflege­platz­man­ager has devel­oped a web-based plat­form solu­tion that greatly improves the release of patients from hos­pi­tals and the accep­tance of patients in their next care set­ting, such as nurs­ing homes, inten­sive care, pal­lia­tive care, pre­ven­ta­tive care, etc. Admin­is­tra­tion for insur­ance, logis­tics, trans­port, care con­sul­tants, and other par­tic­i­pants is also greatly enhanced via the Pflege­platz­man­ager plat­form.  In most cases, when Pflege­platz­man­ager is not used, hos­pi­tal work­ers need to make 40 to 50 tele­phone calls (approx­i­mately 3.5 hours of work) in order to find an appro­pri­ate patient place­ment.  Pflegeplatzmanager´s solu­tion greatly reduces this admin­is­tra­tive burden.

Pflegeplatzmanager is rapidly expanding across Germany

After a suc­cess­ful eight-month pilot phase in 2018, Pflege­platz­man­ager started to mar­ket its solu­tion at the end of 2018.  In 2019, the com­pany won mul­ti­ple large frame con­tracts and coop­er­a­tions with health­care providers and asso­ci­a­tions across Ger­many.  In a short period of time, Pflege­platz­man­ager has emerged as a mar­ket leader in Ger­many for patient release and admis­sion management.

Prepared for strong growth in 2020

Pflege­platz­man­ager is look­ing to con­tinue its strong growth in 2020. The com­pany now has over 30 employ­ees in its two main loca­tions in Greiz and Jena and has sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Bavaria, Baden-Würt­tem­berg, and Sax­sony.  All the company´s employ­ees have expe­ri­ence work­ing in the health­care sys­tem, which is also a key advan­tage in under­stand­ing cus­tomer needs.  Pflege­platz­man­ager users from Baden-Würt­tem­berg, Thürin­gen, Sax­sony, Sax­sony-Anhalt, Lower Sax­sony, Bavaria, and Schlewig Hol­stein con­firm that Pflege­platz­man­ager offers the best and broad­est solu­tion with advan­tages for all mar­ket participants.

About bm|t

Erfurt-based, bm‑t beteili­gungs­man­age­ment Thürin­gen (bm|t) – a sub­sidiary of the Thürin­gen Devel­op­ment Bank, is the first address for invest­ments in Thürin­gen, Ger­many.  bm‑t cur­rently man­ages eight invest­ment funds with a total vol­ume of 320M EUR.  bm‑t invests in inno­v­a­tive com­pa­nies with strong growth poten­tial across all sec­tors and all phases of the cor­po­rate life­cy­cle. More infor­ma­tion about bm‑t can be found under‑

About the MBG

The MBG mbH has been estab­lished in Thürin­gen for 25 years. With over 100 invest­ments in its port­fo­lio, the MBG is a major sup­porter of com­pany for­ma­tion, estab­lished enter­prises, and suc­ces­sion plan­ning in Thürin­gen. More infor­ma­tion about the MBG can be found under

About Treuenburg

The Treuen­burg Group is an owner-oper­ated real estate and ven­ture cap­i­tal investor head­quar­tered in Erfurt, Ger­many.  Along with real estate invest­ments in mid­dle Ger­many, Treuen­burg man­ages a port­fo­lio of invest­ments in young, inno­v­a­tive com­pa­nies.  The company´s the­matic focus lies in fin­tech, proptech, and the aging pop­u­la­tion. More infor­ma­tion about Treuen­burg can be found under
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