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Dr. Jörn Voßbein
Exter­nal Data Pro­tec­tion Officer

Otto-Haus­mann-Ring 113
42115 Wup­per­tal
+49 (0) 202 – 946 7726 200

Table of contents 

We take the pro­tec­tion of your per­sonal data very seri­ously. There­fore, we treat your per­sonal data always in accor­dance with the legal data pro­tec­tion oblig­a­tions. We have appointed a qual­i­fied and reli­able Data Pro­tec­tion Offi­cer. The exter­nal com­mis­sion­ing of data pro­tec­tion will be con­ducted from UIMC Dr. Voßbein GmbH & Co KG.

In the fol­low­ing pol­icy doc­u­ment, we would like to inform you about the pro­cess­ing of per­sonal data.

I. Collection and Processing of Personal Data 

You can use our web­site based on a non-dis­clo­sure of your iden­tity. Should we, on our web­site, ask for your per­sonal data, e.g. in a con­tact form or by reg­is­ter­ing / login and if per­sonal data are queried (in exam­ple name, address, email address or firm), we state that this will be done on a vol­un­tary basis on the basis of art. 6 (1) let. a GDPR. A con­tact is also pos­si­ble via the stated e‑mail address. In this case, the user’s per­sonal data passed on by e‑mail will be stored. The legal basis is Arti­cle 6 (1) let. a and Art. 6 (1) let. f GDPR. We use these infor­ma­tion for our busi­ness pur­poses, such as send­ing the requested mate­ri­als / infor­ma­tion and the busi­ness conversation.

The per­sonal data passed on as part of send­ing an e‑mail will be deleted after com­ple­tion of your request and after expiry of the tax and com­mer­cial reten­tion obligations.

If you have given your con­sent (for exam­ple for the pur­pose of receiv­ing our newslet­ter or other inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion), you can reverse it at any time with­out stat­ing any rea­sons. The request will take effect for future com­mu­ni­ca­tions. For revers­ing your con­sent you can use the e‑mail address ›info@bm‑‹ or any other path­way stated in the newsletter.

II. Communication

We would like to point out that there can be secu­rity loop­holes when data is trans­mit­ted via Inter­net (e.g. in email com­mu­ni­ca­tions) and that it is not pos­si­ble to com­pletely pre­vent third par­ties from gain­ing access to data.

We hereby expressly object to con­tact data pub­lished in accor­dance with the Ger­man Tele­me­dia Act being used by third par­ties to send adver­tis­ing and infor­ma­tion mate­r­ial which has not been expressly requested. The site oper­a­tors reserve the express right to take legal steps if adver­tis­ing infor­ma­tion, such as spam mails, for exam­ple, is sent unsolicited.

III. Cookies

This site largely dis­claims the use of “cook­ies”. Cook­ies are text files that will be stored on your com­puter because of tech­ni­cal rea­sons, to rec­og­nize func­tion­al­i­ties such as the login in the back­end or accept­ing the cookie infor­ma­tion for your next visit. You can pre­vent the instal­la­tion of cook­ies through an appro­pri­ate set­ting in your browser. How­ever, this could lead to func­tional limitations.

IV. Logging (currently inactive)

Every time access­ing this web­site, pro­to­cols for sta­tis­ti­cal pur­poses will be cre­ated and processed whereby sin­gle users will remain anonymous:

  • Refer­rer (site from the link you reached this website)
  • Search terms (by search engines as referrer)
  • IP address is stored to detect hacker attacks and troubleshooting.
  • Type and Ver­sion of browser and oper­a­tion system
  • Access time of the visit on the website.

We are pro­cess­ing the men­tioned data based on our legit­i­mate inter­est in accor­dance with Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR for the fol­low­ing purposes:

  • Ensur­ing a smooth con­nec­tion build-up of the website,
  • Ensur­ing a com­fort­able and error-free use of our website,
  • Eval­u­a­tion of sys­tem secu­rity and sta­bil­ity as well
  • For fur­ther admin­is­tra­tive purposes.

We reserve the right to check this data sub­se­quently if we have con­crete indi­ca­tions of an ille­gal use. The data will be deleted imme­di­ately if they are no longer nec­es­sary for the pur­pose, and at the lat­est after two months.

V. Transfer of Data

A trans­fer to third par­ties for com­mer­cial or non-com­mer­cial pur­poses will not hap­pen with­out your explicit con­sent. We only pass on your per­sonal data to third par­ties if this is per­mit­ted by law [eg. on the basis of Arti­cle 6 GDPR] and / or required. Partly, we use exter­nal ser­vice providers within the scope of an order data pro­cess­ing; for exam­ple, our web­site is hosted by Host Europe GmbH and main­tained by XP.DT. In this case, the full respon­si­bil­ity for data pro­cess­ing remains with us. Fur­ther­more, we some­times use plu­g­ins from other providers on our web­site. On this topic, you will find more details below.

We advice you that we also trans­fer per­sonal data with the above-men­tioned pur­pose if nec­es­sary to our group com­pa­nies (Thüringer Auf­baubank). The data trans­fer takes place on the basis of a legit­i­mate inter­est in order to be able to pro­vide you a com­pre­hen­sive offer­ing of our services.

VI. Liability for own Content

The con­tent of these sites has been cre­ated with the great­est accu­racy. We can­not pro­vide any guar­an­tee for accu­racy, com­plete­ness and top­i­cal­ity of the con­tent. As a ser­vice provider, we are respon­si­ble for our own con­tent on these sites accord­ing to the gen­eral laws.

VII. Liability for Links (Content of Third Party Providers)

It is impor­tant to dis­tin­guish between our own con­tent and ref­er­ences (“links”) that lead to other con­tent from other providers. We have no influ­ence on the con­tent of the linked web­sites. In this case, it is always the provider or the oper­a­tor of these sites that is respon­si­ble for the content.

VIII. Information for processing of data in accordance with article 13 and 14 GDPR regarding with data processing of (potential) Investee-Partner

Infor­ma­tion sheet (poten­tial) Investee-Part­ner (PDF, 64 KB)

IX. Information for processing of data in accordance with article 13 and 14 GDPR regarding with data processing of other business partners

Infor­ma­tion sheet other Busi­ness Part­ners (PDF, 63 KB)

X. Information for processing of data in accordance with article 13 and 14 GDPR regarding with data processing within the scope of application procedure

Infor­ma­tion sheet for appli­cants (PDF, 64KB)

XI. Information for processing of data in accordance with article 13 and 14 GDPR regarding with data processing within the scope of newsletter subscriptions

Infor­ma­tion sheet newslet­ter (PDF, 61 KB)

XII. Your rights

We hereby inform you that pur­suant to Arti­cle 15 et seq. GDPR you have the right to obtain infor­ma­tion on the per­sonal data col­lected, as well as rec­ti­fi­ca­tion or dele­tion or lim­i­ta­tion of pro­cess­ing or of a right to object to pro­cess­ing as well as of the per­sonal data right to have data porta­bil­ity. Like­wise, under Arti­cle 77 of the GDPR, you have the right to com­plain to a data pro­tec­tion super­vi­sory author­ity if you con­sider that the pro­cess­ing of your per­sonal data is in breach of the GDPR. If the pro­cess­ing is based on Arti­cle 6 (1) let. a GDPR or Arti­cle 9 (2) let. a GDPR (Con­sent), you also have the right to revoke the con­sent at any time with­out affect­ing the legal­ity of the pro­cess­ing on the basis of the con­sent prior to the revocation.

XIII. Change of our Data Protection Regulations

We reserve the right to amend this Pri­vacy Pol­icy from time to time so that it remains com­pli­ant with the legal require­ments or to change our ser­vices in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy, e.g. the intro­duc­tion of new ser­vices. There­fore, a new Pri­vacy Pol­icy will be valid if our web­site is accessed.

XIV. Questions

If you have any ques­tions regard­ing the pro­cess­ing of per­sonal data you can con­tact our Data Pro­tec­tion Offi­cer who is avail­able with his team in the case of any requests of infor­ma­tion, gen­eral requests or complaints.

XV. Contact to the Data Protection Officer

Exter­nal Data Pro­tec­tion Offi­cer, Otto-Haus­mann-Ring 113, 42115 Wuppertal
Tel: +49 202 9467 726 200‑t[at]

Data collection due to the use of external services

Google Maps

To view maps and cre­ate routes, we use Google Maps. Google Maps is oper­ated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphithe­atre Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA. These sites will be made vis­i­ble accordingly.

By using this ser­vice, you declare that you agree with the col­lec­tion, pro­cess­ing and use of the self-entered data through Google. The Terms of Use of Google Maps can be found at [exter­nal site].

Google Fonts

Our web­site uses Google Fonts on all pages. Google Fonts pro­vides fonts effi­ciently, so we can give the text of our web­site a con­sis­tent look and dis­play the page quickly, regard­less of which browser you have installed and which oper­at­ing sys­tem you use. Google Fonts is a ser­vice of Google Inc. (Google). By using Google Fonts, infor­ma­tion about the use of this web­site, includ­ing your IP address, may be trans­ferred to Google in the United States.

When you visit a page, your browser estab­lishes a direct con­nec­tion to Google’s servers. Google will send the font directly to your browser and inte­grate it into the web­site. We have no con­trol over the extent of the data col­lected by Google in this manner.

If you do not want, that Google col­lects processes or uses infor­ma­tion about you through our web­site, you can block con­nec­tions to in your oper­at­ing sys­tem or suit­able browser add-on. In this case, it could be that the use of our web­site becomes cumbersome.

For more infor­ma­tion on the pur­pose and scope of the data col­lec­tion, as well as the fur­ther pro­cess­ing and use of data by Google, your rights and pri­vacy set­tings, please refer to Google’s Pri­vacy Pol­icy [exter­nal site].

Web analysis with Matomo (currently inactive)

Using the web analy­sis soft­ware Matomo ( [exter­nal site], data are col­lected and stored on the basis of our legit­i­mate inter­est in the sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis of user behav­ior for opti­miza­tion pur­poses on our web­site in accor­dance with Art. 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO. From this data, pseu­do­nymised usage pro­files are cre­ated and eval­u­ated for the same pur­pose. Cook­ies are not used for this pur­pose. Data col­lected using Matomo tech­nol­ogy (includ­ing your pseu­do­nymized IP address) will be processed on the servers of a ser­vice provider.

The infor­ma­tion obtained from the pseu­do­ny­mous user pro­files can not be used to per­son­ally iden­tify the vis­i­tor of this web­site and will not be com­bined with per­sonal data about the bearer of the pseudonym.

If you do not agree with the stor­age and eval­u­a­tion of this data, then you can deac­ti­vate the sav­ing of track­ing data in your browser (“Do not Track”). In that case our Matomo instal­la­tion will not save any pseu­do­ny­mous user data.

Auf unserer Web­site wer­den unter Ein­satz der Web­analyse-Soft­ware Matomo  ( [externe Seite] auf Basis unseres berechtigten Inter­esses an der sta­tis­tis­chen Analyse des Nutzerver­hal­tens zu Opti­mierungszwecken gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO Daten gesam­melt und gespe­ichert. Aus diesen Daten wer­den zum sel­ben Zweck pseu­do­nymisierte Nutzung­spro­file erstellt und aus­gew­ertet. Hierzu wer­den keine Cook­ies einge­setzt. Die mit der Matomo-Tech­nolo­gie erhobe­nen Daten (ein­schließlich Ihrer pseu­do­nymisierten IP-Adresse) wer­den auf den Servern eines Auf­tragsver­ar­beit­ers verarbeitet.
Die gewon­nen Infor­ma­tio­nen aus den pseu­do­ny­men Nutzer­pro­filen kön­nen nicht dazu benutzt wer­den, den Besucher dieser Web­site per­sön­lich zu iden­ti­fizieren und wer­den nicht mit per­so­n­en­be­zo­ge­nen Daten über den Träger des Pseu­do­nyms zusammengeführt.
Wenn Sie mit der Spe­icherung und Auswer­tung dieser Daten aus Ihrem Besuch nicht ein­ver­standen sind, dann kön­nen Sie in Ihrem Browser das Spe­ich­ern von Track­ing­daten deak­tivieren („Do not Track“). Unsere Matomo-Instal­la­tion wird dann auch keine pseu­do­ny­men Nutzer­daten von Ihnen speichern.

Facebook (Share Button)

Our web­site makes it pos­si­ble to “share” con­tent on Face­book (Face­book Inc., 1601 S. Cal­i­for­nia Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). Only when you click the but­ton on the respec­tive page of our web­site the con­tent of our web­site that you want to share and have vis­ited with your IP address will be trans­mit­ted to Face­book. This will be added to your Face­book user account if you are logged in as a mem­ber. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about the data pro­tec­tion can be found in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy of Face­book at [exter­nal site].


Our web­site allows you to share con­tent on the LinkedIn net­work. The provider is LinkedIn Cor­po­ra­tion, 2029 Stier­lin Court, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA. Only when you click the but­ton on the respec­tive page of our web­site, a con­nec­tion to LinkedIn servers is estab­lished. LinkedIn will be informed that you vis­ited our Inter­net sites with your IP address. When you clicked on the „Rec­om­mend-But­ton“ of LinkedIn and you are logged in at LinkedIn it is pos­si­ble for LinkedIn to allo­cate your visit on our Inter­net site to your­self as a per­son and to your user account. We point out that we as a provider of the sites have no knowl­edge about the con­tent of the trans­ferred data as well as their use by LinkedIn. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion regard­ing this topic can be found in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy at [exter­nal site]


Our web­site allows you to share con­tent on the XING net­work. The provider is XING AG, Damm­torstraße 29–32, 20354 Ham­burg, Ger­many. Only when you click the but­ton on the respec­tive page of our web­site a con­nec­tion to XING servers is estab­lished. Accord­ing to our knowl­edge, there will be no stor­age of per­sonal data. Espe­cially, there will be no IP addresses stored or the user behav­iour assessed. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about the data pro­tec­tion and the XING “Share-But­ton” can be found in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy of XING at [exter­nal site]


Our web­site allows you to share con­tent via Twit­ter. These func­tions are pro­vided through Twit­ter Inc. 1355 Mar­ket Street, Suite 900, San Fran­cisco, CA 94103, USA. Only when you click the but­ton on the respec­tive page of our web­site will the vis­ited web­sites be linked to your Twit­ter account and other users will be informed about it. In doing so there will also be a trans­fer of data to Twit­ter. We point out that we as a provider have no knowl­edge about the con­tent of the trans­ferred data as well as their use through Twit­ter. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion can be found in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy of Twit­ter at [exter­nal site]. You can change your data pro­tec­tion set­tings on Twit­ter in the account set­tings at [exter­nal site].


Our web­site incor­po­rates punc­tual video con­tent from the Google-pow­ered YouTube page. The provider is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. If you are using one of our web­sites that have in-built YouTube videos there will be a con­nec­tion estab­lished to the servers of YouTube. Thereby, the server of YouTube will be informed which of our sites you have vis­ited. When you are logged in to your YouTube account you allow YouTube to allo­cate your brows­ing behav­iour to your per­sonal pro­file. This can be pre­vented by log­ging out from your YouTube account. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion of the han­dling of user data can be found in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy of YouTube at [exter­nal site]


We use for the inte­gra­tion of videos among oth­ers the provider Vimeo. Vimeo is oper­ated by Vimeo, LLC, head­quar­tered at 555 West 18th Street, NY, New York 10011.

On some of our web­pages we include video con­tent from Vimeo. If you are using one of our web­sites that have in-built Vimeo videos there will be a con­nec­tion estab­lished to the servers of Vimeo. Through this, our web­pages you have vis­ited will be trans­mit­ted to the Vimeo server. This will be added to your Vimeo user account, if you are logged in as a mem­ber. When using the con­tents such as click­ing on the start but­ton of a video, this infor­ma­tion will also be added to your user account. You can pre­vent this map­ping by log­ging out of your Vimeo user account before using our web­site and delet­ing the cor­re­spond­ing cook­ies from Vimeo.

For more infor­ma­tion about data pro­cess­ing and pri­vacy by Vimeo, see [exter­nal site].