portfolio category: 2019


Lyna­tox devel­ops and dis­trib­utes prod­ucts for the degra­da­tion of pol­lu­tants from water and air by photocatalysis.

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With the ARVEY prod­uct, AXSOL has devel­oped a hand-held, mod­u­lar power pack that can be charged via var­i­ous energy sources such as solar energy, wind

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QSIL is the spe­cial­ist when it comes to advanced solu­tions using the high-per­­for­­mance mate­ri­als quartz glass and engi­neer­ing ceram­ics. From pro­to­type to ser­ial pro­duc­tion of

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HASEC -Elektronik GmbH: Electronic Manufacturing Services


HASEC Elek­tronik GmbH is a medium-sized EMS (Elec­tronic Man­u­fac­tur­ing Ser­vices) ser­vice provider for the pro­duc­tion of com­plete elec­tronic assem­blies and devices. The spec­trum of services

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