December, 11 2018 TrophoSYS, a biotech company based in Jena, Germany, successfully closed its seed financing round, securing the company´s next stage of development

TrophoSYS GmbH is devel­op­ing an inno­v­a­tive and sus­tain­able new method for the sep­a­ra­tion of gametes. bm|t beteili­gungs­man­age­ment thürin­gen gmbh acted as the lead investor and was joined in the invest­ment round by Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Hol­z­land and a pri­vate investor. The company´s inno­v­a­tive new method allows for gen­der-spe­cific selec­tion of pro­duc­tive ani­mals, which could dra­mat­i­cally improve pro­duc­tiv­ity and enhance food secu­rity.  Impor­tantly, the inno­va­tion is based solely on the phys­i­o­log­i­cal dif­fer­ences of the cell sur­faces and allows for the gamete sep­a­ra­tion with­out any manip­u­la­tion of genetic mate­r­ial. The tech­nol­ogy could be effec­tive for all mam­malian ani­mals, cre­at­ing a sig­nif­i­cant oppor­tu­nity for improve­ment to the sta­tus quo and imply­ing a large mar­ket poten­tial.  Espe­cially note­wor­thy is the poten­tial in the pork indus­try, which is urgently search­ing for gen­tle and effec­tive alter­na­tives to the anes­the­sia-free cas­tra­tion method. TrophoSYS´ solu­tion poten­tially offers an attrac­tive ani­mal-and-farmer-friendly alter­na­tive. The founder and head of devel­op­ment of TrophoSYS, Dr. Stephan König described the busi­ness model as fol­lows: “Mod­ern ani­mal rear­ing should not focus solely on eco­nomic aspects rather it must also con­sider nat­ural and envi­ron­men­tal ele­ments. Our approach uni­fies eco­nomic and eco­log­i­cal aspects in a way that ben­e­fits ani­mals, pro­duc­ers, and con­sumers of ani­mal prod­ucts.” After hav­ing inter­nally financed the pre­lim­i­nary devel­op­ment stages, we are delighted to have gained bm|t as a highly-com­pe­tent and finan­cially strong lead investor for our first exter­nal financ­ing round. We are con­vinced that, together with bm|t and the co-investors, we will suc­cess­fully reach our goals and thus cre­ate an impor­tant break­through for a sus­tain­able future,” said Mar­tin Reichen­bach, CEO and founder of TrophoSYS.

About TrophoSYS GmbH

The Jena com­pany, TrophoSYS, spe­cial­izes in the devel­op­ment of biotech­nolo­gies that improve or poten­tially dis­place exist­ing meth­ods.  In this scope, the com­pany has devel­oped many solu­tions focused on the pro­duc­tive ani­mal field, through which it aims to cre­ate impor­tant improve­ments in the qual­ity and secu­rity of food and human health.

About bm|t

Erfurt-based, bm‑t beteili­gungs­man­age­ment Thürin­gen (bm|t) – a sub­sidiary of the Thuringia Devel­op­ment Bank, is the first address for invest­ments in Thuringia, Ger­many.  bm‑t cur­rently man­ages eight invest­ment funds with a total vol­ume of 320M EUR.  bm‑t invests in inno­v­a­tive com­pa­nies with strong growth poten­tial across all sec­tors and all phases of the cor­po­rate lifecycle.