KTN Kun­st­stoff-Tech­nik Nob­itz GmbH

KTN Kun­st­stoff-Tech­nik Nob­itz GmbH devel­ops, designs and man­u­fac­tures glass fibre rein­forced plas­tic com­po­nents for the air­craft man­u­fac­turer Air­bus with about 200 employ­ees. Air-con­di­tion­ing pipes as well as side and ceil­ing pan­els are pro­duced in Nob­itz and assem­bled in the Air­bus plants in Laupheim, Ham­burg-Finken­werder and Toulouse.

 Airbus aircraft parts from Altenburg

2006: bm|t vsells its stake in KTN Kun­st­stoff-Tech­nik Nob­itz GmbH, Altenburg
bm|t has sold its 100% stake in KTN to the KAEFER Group from Bre­men, thus achiev­ing an attrac­tive return on the invested cap­i­tal. The suc­cess­ful devel­op­ment of the com­pany, which began under the direc­tion of bm|t as an impor­tant sup­plier to Air­bus, is now to be secured and expanded in the long term by a strate­gic part­ner, the KAEFER Group.
As part of the sale, far-reach­ing job guar­an­tees were given for the 200 or so employ­ees and the prospect of new hires was held out. KTN, OLUTEX in Seifhennersdorf/Saxony and KAEFER Aero­space GmbH in Bre­men, which was founded at the begin­ning of 2006, now form the Aero­space divi­sion (aero­space). Around 440 staff are employed at the Bre­men, Ham­burg, Toulouse, St. Nazaire, Nob­itz and Seifhen­ners­dorf sites. The annual turnover is around € 40 mil­lion. The declared aim is to fur­ther expand the busi­ness activ­i­ties in the aero­space indus­try. By the end of the decade, sales are to be dou­bled. Nob­itz should also ben­e­fit from the growth strategy.


Bre­men-based KAEFER Group takes over KTN Kun­st­stofftech­nik Nobitz