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Lean Plastics

Lean Plas­tics Tech­nolo­gies GmbH is devel­op­ing a process for man­u­fac­tur­ing plas­tic pow­ders for 3D print­ing with a homo­ge­neous pow­der size of < 100 µm. These powders

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INTERCEPT Technology GmbH

INTERCEPT Technologies

The INTER­­CEPT-Tech­nol­­ogy offers safe pro­tec­tion against cor­ro­sion dur­ing trans­port and stor­age. Process costs are sig­nif­i­cantly reduced due to the sav­ing of oil­ing and de-oil­ing steps.

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FBGS Technologies GmbH

FBGS Technologies

FBGS devel­ops and mar­kets high qual­ity and highly sen­si­tive fiber optic sen­sors for appli­ca­tions in com­plex envi­ron­ments (cold, heat, pres­sure, acid, cor­ro­sion) e.g. in the

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