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At X‑FAB we are doing more than just mak­ing chips. For over 25 years we have helped our cus­tomers make their visions become real­ity. We are

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KTN Kun­st­stoff-Tech­nik Nob­itz GmbH devel­ops, designs and man­u­fac­tures glass fibre rein­forced plas­tic com­po­nents for the air­craft man­u­fac­turer Air­bus with about 200 employ­ees. Air-con­di­­tion­ing pipes as

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CLONDIAG chip tech­nolo­gies is a com­pany which has devel­oped a mul­ti­plex­ing tech­nol­ogy for nucleic acid and immunoas­say based diag­nos­tics. bm‑t sells shares in CLONDIAG chip

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