The Need for Speed 

The famous line “I feel the need, the need for speed” was spo­ken in a very cava­lier and risk-ori­en­ted way in the movie Top Gun.  Howe­ver, for start­ups it is often the case that speed actually redu­ces risk and greatly increa­ses the pro­ba­bi­lity of ulti­mate success.

We recently viewed a video show­ing a car tra­ve­ling at various speeds over a large pot­hole.  At the slo­west speed of 30km/h the car was sever­ely jol­ted, dama­ged and nearly flip­ped on its side.  At incre­asing speeds, the damage was actually redu­ced and at 120km/h the car sai­led over the pot­hole with barely a noti­ceable shim­mer.  We reco­gni­zed an important ana­logy to start­ups and their need to attain a cer­tain speed to suc­cessfully tra­verse all the dan­gers than can befall a young company.


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